Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The New York Times

This is turning out to be a big week.
I'm racing this weekend in a ten mile trail run.
But the big news is coming tomorrow. I'm going to be in the New York Times. They called a few weeks ago and did a phone interview and I feel like it went pretty well. I got to be me. Bethany, the reporter asked great questions, so we will have to see how she did on the article. It fell a little from there. Over christmas break they sent a photographer up to get some pictures. What ended up happening was a little wierd. He just took pictures of pictures that my family got at the Ironman. Well I hope those are the ones that get used because then he took shots of my family and me which were decent at best, and then I had to go get some solo shots out in the yard that felt like total cheese. My brother and wife were inside laughing at me dealing with what Nate termed as "My Worst Nightmare". I am not a big fan of posing for pictures. Action shots are cool. Running my mouth on video is fun, but posing for pictures irks me. It has to have something to do with my mom dressing me up in a blazer knee high socks and shorts to have my picture made as a kid, but I don't know.
Yesterday another person called to try and get a few audio clips because the first conversation was a little fuzzy. That stinks. My first phone interview was so much better. I can still be hopeful I won't sound like a total dork. But even if I do... I'm in the Times!


Anne said...

very cool Dave!! Have fun on your 10-miler! How's it going otherwise these days?

Dave said...

life has been great.
this year might be even better than last year.