Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Dude that was sick! It's true that sometimes sick can be used in a good way. Like Diabetes is sick- if you mean its a disease that gets you in the new york times or helps you finish an ironman. However this past weekend it just wasn't so. You wanna hear about my race from last weekend, right? Sick. I woke up at 4am and puked my brains out for several hours. I thought about toughing it out and going anyway so I wandered downstairs while Nate and Em were eating and getting ready to go. I felt green, but not like the hulk. More like green cheese. Oh, oh, blaaah. Well I hiked back up the steps and just barely made it to the toilet. yeah are you still reading this? I paid $20 for a race I didn't go to, made two members of my family train for, and oh well. I guess it could have been worse. Like Em started feeling sick while running the race. that had to stink. She and Nate ran it together in less than a couple of hours. I'll be in for the next one. Sorry to all the inlaws for making you sick, peace.

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..WW.. said...

nice blog....not your usual w/ the fam and the kiddies and g-parents..have you seen the documentary 'Raw'...unreal !..it's about going Vegan!..