Friday, December 12, 2008

Rage Basal: When Nothing Else Seems To Work

Yesterday was so hard. I think I might have entered a blog in a terrible mood. Either way it got worse before it got better. I was high all day long. After breakfast my sugar went above 300 and stayed there until late last night. It briefly fell during the night and shot right back up and I was at 250 before breakfast. I did everything I knew how to do to fix it. I started with a correction bolus using the bolus wizard. Didn't work. I quit eating anything with even a hint of carbs. Didn't work. I got pissed and threw in a few rage boluses. Didn't work. I changed by infusion site. Didn't work. Can you imagine how I was feeling? I tried to get on my bike in the basement but I haven't used that one on the trainer yet and it wouldn't attach correctly. So I got on the treadmill, in my work clothes, and started walking. It's stuck on a decent incline so I just walked a lot and ran a little. No basal change. I was trying to get low. Didn't work. After an hour I was still at 324. Veggies for dinner, yay! I was in the 200's by bedtime and supper excited. But by morning It had started again. Am I just that much more insulin resistant all of a sudden? We will find out. My new answer. The rage basal change. I just went in and moved up all my basal rates by .1 to .2, without any reason for the distinction. I am just looking for an old friend named lowboy. He makes me feel much better than the acidic sand flowing through my veins all day yesterday.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where Am I?

media yeah, well I was just cruising through the triabetes website checking out all the new athlete blogs and thinking. Dude I need to start training. I am getting a little big again. I think I've put on like 11 pounds since Ironman. Em is trying to get some people together to do this Blue Ridge Relay in the late summer. But I need something sooner. I might do this 200 mile ADA Tour de Cure in early June. I'd have to raise a little money, but no big deal. Seriously I feel like butt. My sugar has been skyrocketing every morning. I don't even want to know how high it is right now. It hurts to type even. Training is the only thing that ever really helped but here I am sitting on my backside. I need a big push. there goes my CGM yelling at me about being high.

On a nicer note I got interviewed by a newspaper out of New York last week. Maybe a story to come out of that in earyl Janurary. Wonder when our documentary is coming out?

Did you see that machine at the top of the page. Need to find him again.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Training

I had a couple great workouts over Thanksgiving. Both were with my brother, Nate. Hanging with him was by far the best part. You might know how it is being with tons of family for a holiday meal. You know a couple of those people real well and the rest of them well, I kdo good just remembering their names. They are great people but somehow it just turns out a little stressful. A twenty mile bike ride is a great way to deal with the stress. Especially when it comes between thansksgiving meal #1 at house A and thanksgiving meal #2 at house B. Throw in the fact that we didn't really know exactly how to get there and our wives did a drive by at just the point we were really getting lost and it was getting dark. excellent ride. I should also brag on Nate. It was his second bike ride and he got honked at and ran off the road. Pretty cool.
Our second workout came on Saturday. I felt like a machine. Down near Durham they have this great trail called the American Tobacco Trail. It used to be a railroad, but the rails are gone. It was flat, padded with pine straw and not quite completed. I felt like I could have run forever. It had access points every few miles and would make a great place to stage a long distance training run. The fact that it wasn't finished yet made it even more fun. There were two bridges we crossed that had no platform, just poles and supports. We ran a little over 6 miles and I had no knee pain at all. The last quarter mile we ran way fast. Nate latter told me he was trying to see if he could make himself puke. No dice.
More exciting news. Our van engine died on the way home. I got 2 extra days off because of snow, and I got a staff card for ASU that lets me park anywhere on campus and gets me into the workout facilities. Also after noting our new fatness in our Thanksgiving pics, Em has put us on a diet. I should be a machine by our race in Janurary.
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