Friday, December 12, 2008

Rage Basal: When Nothing Else Seems To Work

Yesterday was so hard. I think I might have entered a blog in a terrible mood. Either way it got worse before it got better. I was high all day long. After breakfast my sugar went above 300 and stayed there until late last night. It briefly fell during the night and shot right back up and I was at 250 before breakfast. I did everything I knew how to do to fix it. I started with a correction bolus using the bolus wizard. Didn't work. I quit eating anything with even a hint of carbs. Didn't work. I got pissed and threw in a few rage boluses. Didn't work. I changed by infusion site. Didn't work. Can you imagine how I was feeling? I tried to get on my bike in the basement but I haven't used that one on the trainer yet and it wouldn't attach correctly. So I got on the treadmill, in my work clothes, and started walking. It's stuck on a decent incline so I just walked a lot and ran a little. No basal change. I was trying to get low. Didn't work. After an hour I was still at 324. Veggies for dinner, yay! I was in the 200's by bedtime and supper excited. But by morning It had started again. Am I just that much more insulin resistant all of a sudden? We will find out. My new answer. The rage basal change. I just went in and moved up all my basal rates by .1 to .2, without any reason for the distinction. I am just looking for an old friend named lowboy. He makes me feel much better than the acidic sand flowing through my veins all day yesterday.


Anne said...

I hate persistent highs. Ick. I'm sorry to hear about it. There is also the rage-temporary-basal increase, which then (for me) can lead into the permanent basal increase. I also have been known to add a layer of Levemir on top of my basals (if for some reason I have some open levemir on hand).

In your honor, I woke up with a "LO" reading on my meter last night. I'm sure you know what that means. I have to say, though, that I didn't enjoy it that much.

Sorry you've had a couple of rough days.

jpnairn said...

Hi, Shack,
Is the insulin still good? Did you sit too close to a heating vent or something? You said you changed your infusion set, but did you use the same reservoir and insulin?
You're not on any new medication, are you?

Steve Ahn said...

I told you I raged 24 units for a dinner a week or so ago? (actually it was 4,10,10) Never got low - but woke up back to normal. I have a plethora of novolog pens if you want one to make sure the insulin is ok. Want to run or something tomorrow?