Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dealing with D's

Here's what I've been dealing with.
Tons of Data entry- it takes forever and I'm sure the research will bring new light into exercising with diabetes.
Dora the Destroyer- that's what I named my bike. She is killing me. I am building up endurance on some long rides. I got in a 50 mile race, a 78 mile ride back from a camping trip which really hurt and another 50 miler earlier this week. All the jokes about guys in tight bike shorts sitting on a tiny bike seat now apply to me.
Dehydration- this one i've got to figure out. planning a little better would help. like last weekend Steve asked if I would pace him in his marathon for a while and I said sure. Well I went to a wedding the night before and only got 5 hours of sleep, woke up low and late (alarm didn't go off) and didn't feel like going but couldn't pull a no show on Steve. I met him 2 miles in and couldn't come up with a decent way to get back to my car without aid and no road id so I decided to just keep running. I was feeling awful about at mile 14 and Steve asked if I'd had enough water. Well i had a cup at each aid station. He was having at least twice that and it worked because I never saw him the rest of the run. Steve and family picked me up at mile 24 of the course. there were no questions about do you want to keep going or anything other than me sticking out my thumb and getting in the van.
Tomorrow - Hydration Training