Thursday, January 8, 2009


It's cool enough to be in the New York Times. I mean really who would have ever thought I would be there, right? But for them to put me in the style section is over the top. I can't believe it. Really without Emily I would be the least stylish person ever. I mean she had to throw away all my favorite clothes when we got married so she could be seen with me. Next thing you know I'm below Michelle Obama and right beside an article about Brad Pitt's mustache in the style section. Did I mention I am wearing a Stylish race out fit that is more than ridiculously tight and cut two distinctive inches shorter than my amazing tan line. It must be cool. But seriously I've got two pictures in there and you can read the Triabetes logo real well on the second one. Who would have known. It totally makes up for making me sound like the nastiest and most irresponsible diabetic ever, up until recently. Was I really that bad? Dude God's got an amazing sense of humor.

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