Thursday, May 29, 2008

Were you out walking Mr. Shack?

Ever feel like you had an awesome achievement and then been totally killed? I was on a run the other morning before school. It is a route we run frequently with a good sized hill right in the middle. I had always had to walk just a bit right at the top of the hill where it gets steep, but not this day. This day I ran the entire way up to the top and kept on trucking I was so proud of myself. Later that morning I was monitoring the hallway at school and one of my 8th graders says, "Hey were you out walking this morning Mr. Shack?" Ouch! that hurt. Well I haven't walking it since. Except for the day me and Russ ran it the other direction. Shorter and steeper hill that direction.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Butt Tight Church Clothes

Last weekend's workout was amazing. Steve, John, and I met at 5:30 Sunday Morning and went for a 7 mile run which took forever. I was running so slow. My sugar was at 250 when we started and that just doesn't feel good. All the really fun things about running like being tired, your legs aching, getting dehydrated and feeling like the slowest person on the planet all get amplified. Well I felt like almost the slowest person except that John's sugar was doing the exact opposite. He's working on figuring out his new pump settings and was running with his sugar way too low. When he finally stopped to eat I finally got a chance to stop and rest. That didn't last too long and soon enough I was walking- no running really slow- up the big hill and then cruizing the last few miles back to school where our bikes were waiting on us. At that point we got everything set for our ride and I locked my only set of car keys in the car. Great. We rode for an hour and I bummed a ride back to town. Steve dropped me off at church in my bike shorts and jersey. He let me take some mesh shorts from his car thank the good Lord. I just don't know how people would have taken it if I had worn those butt tight shorts in there. Anyway Emily, my wife, eventually showed up with some clothes and shoes. It's a good thing my church is laid back, but you can only push the limits so far. Did you know it costs $45 to have your car doors unlocked. Oh still need to send that guy a check.

I'm Faster than my Bloodsugar

Its been a while I know. The end of the school year is monopolizing my much of my time. With the little time I've had to myself I've been training not blogging. No apologies. Current state of affairs? Well my legs/knees are doing much better. I feel strong, which is amazing. Steve and Russ have been running with me in the mornings before work which has been great, and I am having a ton of fun learning to ride my bike.
A few weeks ago I got my bike up to 39 mph, i was totally pumped. The next week I got to 41. Then 44. Last weekend I went on a ride with Steve and John before church and set a new high speed of 46.8 mph, dude I was moving. So I scared the crap out of myself (not literally) with the 44mph trip. I was alone and rode over Mast Gap which is where I must have reached 44 then pedaled about halfway up George's Gap where I checked my sugar. It was 37. It's scary enough driving a car with a seatbelt that low but being out in the middle of nowhere halfway up a huge hill on a bike with a little bit to eat was utterly disturbing. I rode real slow down the hill and real slow up Mast Gap, but then I just let it loose on the way back down. I couldn't help it. Anyway, high speed 44 blood sugar 37- not good. Obviously it wasn't my day to die. I think God has us all here for a purpose, at least for this Triabetes project. So I'm feeling pretty much invincible until September. After that I just pray He has more for me to accomplish.