Thursday, August 21, 2008

the Ironkid

I have been extremely blessed to be part of this Triabetes project. Training is great. I'm in good shape and better than all of that taking care of myself stuff is the impact I am having on others. Most of that influence is probably unknown to me, but there are a few cool cases that I do know about. One of these is with the Triabetes Ironkidz program. I am supposed to be helping encourage a young athlete named Matthew. I hope that I am but in reality this kid is the one who is encouraging. Like me he is a diabetic and has to face all the challenges of this disease, but man he has such an amazing attitude. I don't think he knows what the word impossible means. While talking to him on the phone I thought "Man, the world needs to hear what this kid is saying and asking." So, I am going to let him ask me some questions and shoot some back at him right here on my blog. So Matthew fire away. Tell people your story and ask me some of those questions.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am a machine

Training has been pretty intense lately. I am in better shape than ever. Which is good because race day is only 18 days away! I never would have believed I would be this skinny again. People that haven't seen me since last September are going to freak. It is absolutely amazing what a person can do once we decide on something. For a while I was a little worried about finishing on time but I am over that. I am going to do this thing. The next question is what's next? Back to the couch? Maintain some semblance of fitness? Do another race? Do I fatten back up for winter or buy a smaller coat? I've been freezing all summer. The cool thing is I am already thinking past the race. Training starts to taper off soon. I'm so ready