Thursday, November 29, 2007


I'm supposed to be running right now.
Lowboy showed up and I just don't care.
I'll try to chase him off and run later.
More on Lowboy later- he is my nemisis.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A quick Intro

Before we get too deep into this whole training thing, I'd like to let everyone know where I'm coming from.
I'm a life long diabetic- age 30 diagnosed at 2
I've been somewhat athletic my entire life.
I tried to play football in high school but diabetes got in the way-not to mention i stunk
I wrestled and was ok most of the time for that sport.
I never liked running
I went mountain biking a few times as a kid.
I've never been on a road bike except to test one at the store the other day.
I grew up on a river wakeboarding and skiing. You have to be able to swim if you don't wear a lifejacket all the time.
I taught myself to snowboard in college and go every chance I get- about once a year.
So I used to be in decent shape but I have never attempted anything like this.
I couldn't pass it up. Steve made it sound like such a great oppurtunity and I was questioning in my mind and out loud with Emily (my amazing wife- dude I seriously swam upstream on that one-which makes me think I can definately swim flat for 2.4 miles) and Emily pulls an Adrian and goes "Dave you can do this." I'm too much of a dedicated Rocky fan for that not to work.
So now I'm in. I am going to do the Ironman.
diabetics can
my family needs me to be healthy
those insurance companies need to see how much stuff we really use
I will eventually run my big mouth about my views on research
I am sure God has me here for reasons I can't even forsee
I'm In

Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm Bigger Than Before

So, Thanksgiving went pretty well.
I got on my mountain bike twice the day before and rode for about half an hour each.
Thanksgiving Day I ran with my brother, Nate, for over an hour.
The day after Thanksgiving I went on a bike ride that lasted over an hour and incluede some brutal hills.
I'm sure I burned more than a days worth of calories there, but
I also ate a ton and went to watch Appalachian win their first playoff game of the year on Saturday instead of working out, sorry.
At this point in my training I need to work on the discipline, huh?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I worked out the morning before thanksgiving and I plan to work out the day after thanksgiving so I'm thinking that since tomorrow is Thanksgiving ... well
It's not ok to forget that I'm a diabetic for a day is it?

Ok, well on days like tomorrow I just figure being a diabetic is all about doing a little extra math.

Have a great Thanksgiving,


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How does this thing work?

I'm about as good at blogging as I am a triathlete.
at least practice makes you better.